Friday, 31 July 2015

Duplexed Colorplan Foil & Letterpress Business Cards

 After hours creative studio comes with latest collection of Duplexed Colorplan Foil & Letterpress Business Cards. These cards are created using purple and pristine white colorplan card stock. Duplexed to 700gsm. White gloss foil has been applied to the purple side with pantone violet c letterpress printed on the white side. Letterpress printing is done on 100% cotton 600gsm cards with the help of traditional printing technique. Our Colorplan range of Business cards contains all 50 wonderful card shades of colours which can be letterpress printed and hot foil stamped using glow foils and metallic foils.They looks totally different and impressive from other plain cards. Our experts offers beautiful Experts from After Hours Creative provide these letterpress business cards at affordable price. They use vintage letterpress printing and hot foil stamping which is considered ideal stock for foil debossing on 35% cotton stock. Here we are showing our most beautiful and popular business cards.

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