Monday, 30 November 2015

Colorplan Duplex Business Cards Design and Print

Colorplan duplex business cards are the best choice that is looking for business cards for their newly business. You can choose any two colours to be duplexed back to back. Card color is on 350gsm car eating a luxury 700 gsm thick with two coloured cards and edges.


You can order online for 15 foil colours and additional foil colours. For multiple sets of cards with details we have some additional cost if required. Contact us with your network and we provide you colorplan duplex business cards design and print services in a very affordable range.


Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Offline Marketing Way to Advertise Business

Offline marketing is very old and traditional way to promote or advertise your business. Offline marketing is also compatible as compared to online marketing. Whenever we start any business, then the things which should be do are included in Offline marketing.


There is the various part of offline marketing like newspaper, vouchers, posters, business cards, etc. In starting of the any business we need for promotion by newspaper ads and posters. After completion of our first step we need to create unique and attractive business cards to represent our services.


Business cards having various types like luxury business cards, matt laminated business cards, color plan business cards, gold foil business cards, etc. The designs of business cards should be attractive and represents our business services professionals including organization name, logo, address etc.


After that we need to spread posters in different cities which describe our business services. Rest, we can say that offline marketing is very affordable and traditional technique to promote the business.