Monday, 28 December 2015

High Quality Luxury Colorplan Business Cards Printing Services

Printed Cards are the newest marketing items being used today. These are just any other sheet of document or plastic content which holds the facts of the individual or the organization to which the item connected. These are very impressive items which are a great way of presenting yourself to another individual. These particular items have printed content which is a little bit brought up so that it gives a new and different experience in comparison to items that were being used until now. There are different companies which make these items. You can get in touch with any of the top producers and take their help to design a item which will fit you or your organization the best. After Hours Creative provide a fully color Printed Luxury Colorplan Business Cards Service. These Luxury Business Cards used Printing, Foil Stamping, Embossing, Letterpress & more....

Luxury Business Cards Used Three Most Beautiful Business Cards Are:

1) Full Colour Printed Cards: 450gsm card | Printing & Foil Stamping | Gold Metallic Foil Offers.


2) Colorplan Business Cards: These cards are use to all 50 Colorplan Card Colours with Duplexing and special offers on selected luxury Colorplan Business Card Colours.

3) Cotton Business Cards: Use 100% Cotton with 600gsm.



Thursday, 24 December 2015

Get Online Fully Printed Luxury Colorplan Business Cards

Get special and exclusive offers on Luxury Colorplan Business Cards . These cards design with the help of hand letterpress printing technique. By using most popular cards color after hours creative are the most popular for the production of letterpress business cards in uk. Here i am showing you one of the most beautiful letterpress business card. 


This is the 270gsm Luxury Colorplan Business Cards stock that have high-class duplexing and letterpress printing. The logo has been foil blocked on the amethyst side with metallic gold,  the reverse side of the cards logo mark foiled in metallic gold and the contact details of your cards letterpress printed in purple and grey ink.


Monday, 21 December 2015

Choose Online Design for Business Cards

There are some few online websites that are offers to choose your design itself for your business cards. After Hours Creative Studio invited you to make your business cards design itself and we convert your ideas into paper print. We have thousands of online design templates for our customers.


Our designs are very unique and attractive as compared to another’s. Choose your online favorite design and you can modify it as you like. We will print your design on a quality paper in a very affordable range. We provide all types of business cards in your choice like matt laminatedbusiness cards, colorplan business cards, letterpress business cards and much more.


Monday, 7 December 2015

Increase Your Business With Colorplan Metallic Purple Foil Business Cards

Another Luxury and attractive Business Cards available in the market are Colorplan Business Cards. These Luxury Business Cards comes with superior printing quality and finished with Matt lamination to give cards a smooth texture. These Colorplan Business Cards are also available with duplexing and with wide range of foil colors. These Colorplan Business Cards range include 50 beautiful cards color. They also available in attractive letterpress printing, metallic and gloss finish foils which are more opaque and create a better effect on darker Colorplan card colours. Here we are going to show you today market most popular and Luxury Colorplan Business Cards.

                              Colorplan Metallic Purple Foil Business Card 


                                  Colorplan Business Cards

Colorplan Foil Letterpress Business Cards with different foil color are more help full to make a memorable impression on your business client. These cards also available with special gold and silver foil.


                                  Colorplan Business Cards Gold Foil


                                  Colorplan Business Cards Silver Foil

If you want to buy your first business cards or want to change your business card please try to choose from this modern luxurious collection.

Friday, 4 December 2015

Best Printing Business Cards Design

For a organization, cards holds a strong position. It is not merely a mean to share contact information of one individual to another. But today, it has more value than that. Representation of a organization is one of the primary motives of their offers. For every individual market, it acts differently. Get The Best Luxury Business Cards Printing Service In Leicester, UK. We Offer wide range of Printing Service Like Leaflet Printing, Letterhead Printing, Compliments Slips, Postures, Brochures, Roller Banner etc.


Beat The Competitors With Distinct Styles Of Tourism Visiting Cards: When we talk about travel and leisure market, competitors are what one should really care about. To attract a number of tourists towards your organization or to represent your organization in unique and eye-catching way, travel and leisure going to credit cards are first considerable thing.


In contrary to travel and leisure going to credit cards, drug store credit cards should be different than that of travel and leisure credit cards. The drug store market is not like travel and leisure market. Therefore, the cards for apothecaries should be developed in such a way that it should look professional.


Real Property Business Cards - A Way To Grab Attention Of Potential Investors: Whether you are an experienced person who is dealing in property from a very long time, or have just started working as a real estate, effective and professional property credit cards are equally important for you. Though, it is not necessary that every receiver who gets your cards values it, yet the recipients do not forget professionally developed eye-catching credit cards for longer.


At the time, they feel the need of real estate or property services, they normally refer their offers. So, every cards has an amazing power to attract clients. Therefore, consider it as a source of lead generation. After knowing the value of credit cards, if you think you should get new ones with all eye-catching features, then you can get them printed from online printing services.

Monday, 30 November 2015

Colorplan Duplex Business Cards Design and Print

Colorplan duplex business cards are the best choice that is looking for business cards for their newly business. You can choose any two colours to be duplexed back to back. Card color is on 350gsm car eating a luxury 700 gsm thick with two coloured cards and edges.


You can order online for 15 foil colours and additional foil colours. For multiple sets of cards with details we have some additional cost if required. Contact us with your network and we provide you colorplan duplex business cards design and print services in a very affordable range.


Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Offline Marketing Way to Advertise Business

Offline marketing is very old and traditional way to promote or advertise your business. Offline marketing is also compatible as compared to online marketing. Whenever we start any business, then the things which should be do are included in Offline marketing.


There is the various part of offline marketing like newspaper, vouchers, posters, business cards, etc. In starting of the any business we need for promotion by newspaper ads and posters. After completion of our first step we need to create unique and attractive business cards to represent our services.


Business cards having various types like luxury business cards, matt laminated business cards, color plan business cards, gold foil business cards, etc. The designs of business cards should be attractive and represents our business services professionals including organization name, logo, address etc.


After that we need to spread posters in different cities which describe our business services. Rest, we can say that offline marketing is very affordable and traditional technique to promote the business.  

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Custom Spot Gloss Business Cards From Experts

In market there are a variety of printing techniques available for consumers who want to setting their printed products apart from the ordinary products. In these wide variety one of the most popular printing technique with high impact, affordability, and versatility is Spot Gloss Business Cards printing.This technique creates a eye catching striking contrast between the luxury matt or velvet lamination. Our designers also offer standard clear gloss and unique rainbow spot gloss and spot uv effect on these cards.Our designers also offers special color effects which change according to light these cards may appear clear, several shades of one or more colors

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Rainbow Gold Foil Business Card

After hours creative studio offers professional printing services with new design and look. Our designers include business cards printing with letterpress printing and matt lamination. These luxury business cards also stamped with hot foil. The hot foil stamping is a technique used to add luxury metallic and special effect foils, using a combination of heat, pressure and a metal die. Foiling produces effects which are impossible to achieve using traditional ink printing. This foil stamping include many other foil colors like silver, rose gold, copper, pink, blue, green, turquoise, holographic silver and many more. We also offer special holographic, rose and rainbow gold foil business cards.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Full Colour Printed Spot Gloss Business Cards

Full Colour Printed Spot Gloss Business Cards are available in different categories likes spot uv, rainbow effects, simple glossy laminated and many more. These cards also created by using traditional digital and litho printing, specialist print finishing and vintage letterpress printing techniques.Our designers also laminate these cards with matt lamination which has a smooth finish, or velvet ‘soft touch’ lamination, some of the cards also use special effect foils (including holographic foils), spot gloss effects or a special holographic clear gloss foil. This foil stamping is done with the help of high pressure and heat.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

How Hot Foil Samping Done

After hours creative studio apply hot foil stamping on many business cards to increase their luxury look. This  Hot foil stamping is a technique used to apply metallic silver gold foil using a combination of heat, pressure and a metal die (also called a stamp or plate). This foil stamping produces the effects which are impossible to achieve using traditional ink printing. Because of this, adding foil to marketing literature not only gives the finished piece an edge, but also ensures a luxury, high-end impression. Our stock have wide range of foils in a variety of different finishes and colours, including the popular gold, silver and copper, along with many other colours. our designers also have special effect foils such as holographic silver (also called rainbow silver) which changes colour as it diffracts light across the colour spectrum. Take a look of our most popular luxury business cards with or without foil stamping.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Grow Your Business With Luxury Business Cards

Today Market growing very fast every business man use their own online or offline business marketing techniques. But, if we study our old days than we see that the best and most successful marketing technique is business cards. From our past days designers try to add new looks and other attractive techniques to make business cards different and professional . Our after hours creative studio designers try to design professional business cards that help to grow your business. We offer luxury letterpress, colorplan, matt laminated, spot gloss, gold foil and cotton business cards collection. These cards designed with traditional designing techniques. Our designers provide Luxury 450gsm, 350gsm, 600gsm business cards with hot foil stamping matt or velvet lamination on 100% pure cotton stuff. Take a look of our professional business cards. 

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Design Your Best Colorplan Business Cards

Best colorplan business cards collection that can be produced using any of the 50 cards colors range. We also offer duplexing and a wide range of foil colours. These cards created using 700gsm black colorplan card from our colorplan special range. This business card has been foil blocked using metallic gold foil. This elegant business card has the logo foil blocked in metallic gold foil on the front and the contact details printed in gold foil on the reverse. Beautiful design, designed by our business cards design experts using traditional hand printing and foil stamping techniques. You can also choose between all 50 Colorplan card colours with optional duplexing available (laminating two card colours together back to back). These cards can then either be printed using letterpress inks and also optional hot foil stamping available for customers. Have a look of our new colorpaln business cards design.


Thursday, 6 August 2015

Ten Most Beautiful Business Cards Photos

Here We are going to show ten most beautiful business cards photos from after hours luxury business cards collection. Our luxury business cards range includes letterpress cards, foil stamped cards, colorplan cards, Matt laminated Business Cards and quality printing cards. All cards have smooth finish of matt lamination.

1 Matt Laminated Business Cards:- We Offer Luxury Matt Laminated Business Cards with require multiple sets of printed on 450gsm cards using hot foil stamping.

2 Velvet Laminated Business Cards:- Our Experts offers best velvet laminated business cards that have soft touch feel. Velvet laminated business cards along with spot gloss highlights provide feel of luxury and elegance.

3 Spot Gloss Business Cards:- After Hours offers Spot Gloss printed with full color on 400gsm art board and Matt laminated to give the card a smooth texture.

4 Colorplan Business Cards:- Our experts deliver innovative and wide range of colorplan business cards at affordable price. We also provide colorplan special offers at selected card stocks.

5 Cotton Business Cards:- After Hours Creative provides 100% Cotton business cards with letterpress printing. Our 600gsm cotton business cards have a unique, soft and smooth feel making them Ideal stock for debossing and painted edges.

6 Letterpress Business Cards:- Custom letterpress business cards with vintage printing and hot foil stamping on 600gsm cotton card at affordable price and desired debossed effects.

7 Gold Foil Business Cards:- After hour creative provide Gold Foil Business Cards with luxury foil stamping. Design your business cards by our experts and get them printed on 450gsm silk card and foil stamped with metallic gold foil.

8 Spot UV Business Cards: Spot UV Business Cards printed on 450gsm card with a choice of matt or velvet lamination. Get stylish and professional luxury business cards at competitive price from after hours creative studio.

9 Wild Letterpress Business Cards:- After hours creative offers wild letterpress business cards printed on 450gsm textured wild card stock (35% cotton) customise with a fantastic range of foil.

10 Triple Thick Business Cards:- These card has been produced using 3 layers of silk card stock. Finished with velvet soft touch lamination and foil blocked both sides with satin rose gold foil.