Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Design Your Best Colorplan Business Cards

Best colorplan business cards collection that can be produced using any of the 50 cards colors range. We also offer duplexing and a wide range of foil colours. These cards created using 700gsm black colorplan card from our colorplan special range. This business card has been foil blocked using metallic gold foil. This elegant business card has the logo foil blocked in metallic gold foil on the front and the contact details printed in gold foil on the reverse. Beautiful design, designed by our business cards design experts using traditional hand printing and foil stamping techniques. You can also choose between all 50 Colorplan card colours with optional duplexing available (laminating two card colours together back to back). These cards can then either be printed using letterpress inks and also optional hot foil stamping available for customers. Have a look of our new colorpaln business cards design.


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