Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Custom Spot Gloss Business Cards From Experts

In market there are a variety of printing techniques available for consumers who want to setting their printed products apart from the ordinary products. In these wide variety one of the most popular printing technique with high impact, affordability, and versatility is Spot Gloss Business Cards printing.This technique creates a eye catching striking contrast between the luxury matt or velvet lamination. Our designers also offer standard clear gloss and unique rainbow spot gloss and spot uv effect on these cards.Our designers also offers special color effects which change according to light these cards may appear clear, several shades of one or more colors


  1. WOW ! It is INCREDIBLE IDEA of creating business card using gimp. I am impressed. It is really excellent tutorial shared by you. I can't wait more. I am going to create new business card for my company. Thank You very much !!
    Business Cards Printing

  2. Nowadays business cards and brochure printing have become a style icon for business establishment and promotion. With the use of colored and designed cards it’s quite easy to pitch other. The card itself is worth enough to convey the complete image of the company. Give your business a new look with Metallic Business Cards and feel the difference.

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