Thursday, 10 September 2015

Full Colour Printed Spot Gloss Business Cards

Full Colour Printed Spot Gloss Business Cards are available in different categories likes spot uv, rainbow effects, simple glossy laminated and many more. These cards also created by using traditional digital and litho printing, specialist print finishing and vintage letterpress printing techniques.Our designers also laminate these cards with matt lamination which has a smooth finish, or velvet ‘soft touch’ lamination, some of the cards also use special effect foils (including holographic foils), spot gloss effects or a special holographic clear gloss foil. This foil stamping is done with the help of high pressure and heat.


  1. Nowadays Spot Gloss Finish and Sell Sheets with Spot Gloss Finish printing have become a style icon for business establishment and promotion. With the use of colored and designed cards it’s quite easy to pitch other. The card itself is worth enough to convey the complete image of the company. Give your business a new look with and feel the difference.

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